Thriller Interviews: @RoRoBoyFR Talks Fab Possibly Being On His Remix, Being Featured on Love & Hip Hop and Much More!

“Far Rock Eazzy” known to most as F R Eazzy is an up and coming music Artist from Far Rockaway, Queens, NY. Building an impressive resume, he’s worked with producers Reef, Fresh Beatz, Papi ocho and more; he’s also toured with Jim jones and Big B’s and was a guest on an episode of Love & Hip Hop.

He revealed with exclusively that he may have landed Fabolous on the single of his new single “I’m Good.” He dropped several jewels and interesting things about himself though. Take a read below: How you doing, man? How are you feeling over there on the East Coast?
F R Eazzy: Man, I’m good I’m good. Chilling. Just working hard. Working hard, trying to get rich u know.

You know, as a Black Man, I’m proud of you. I see you doing your thing with your music. It’s gotten our attention. I’m sure it got other blog’s attention as well. How does it feel to have that kind of attention from different blog sites, and stuff like that so early on?
Right now I just feel blessed. I’m appreciative of everything that’s going on right now. Because there’s a lot of people who’s been doing this music shit longer than me. They haven’t got as far as I’m getting. I just feel blessed and appreciative right now.

That’s ill. The F. R. Eazzy stands for Far Rock, correct?

Tell us a little bit about how you grew up in New York and Queens and how that got you into music.
Basically, I’m from Far Rockaway, Queens. Ford East Projects in Far Rockaway a lot of people get it mixed up. I grew up as an only child with my parents. I mean with my mom. Just all my cousins, we were so close. They was like brothers and sisters to me. We used to do rapping for fun. That’s how rapping came along. All my older cousins, they used to rap, and we used to all be at it, the cousin’s in the crib. Everybody in the house was rapping. It was just like a battle. Everybody wanted to be the best. Everybody wanted to be the best rapper in the house.

Amazing. Do you think that that competitive nature shows up in your music still?
Yes, definitely. Definitely. And that competitive nature definitely came from my cousin Because, I swear, we was at each other’s throat, like for real. It was serious.

That’s crazy. Have you ever had any battles on wax? I don’t expect you to say you battled TechN9ne or somebody famous or anything, but have you had any battles on wax when you was in school, or if you went to college, or anything like that? You ain’t never had no small beefs like that?
I mean we had a couple. I had a couple people make diss tracks about me but nothing major.

Lol seriously?
Yeah. Definitely, like all the time actually. To this day I get a couple dis tracks here and there, but you know, that’s just people trying to get a little fame off your name. If I can’t benefit from the situation I’m definitely not going to respond. I’m not a battle rapper.

I make the music to touch the souls. I ain’t trying to be out there competing and coming at nobody and battle rap! As far as me battling, my battle comes when I get on the track with somebody because I’m going to come out with the best verse.

How do you feel like artists like 50, and Onyx, and other artists that kind of have legendary status to that come from the Queens area? If they ain’t from the exact some area, I know they still rep Queens.
Yeah, 50 inspires me a lot. Not only as a rapper, but just as a businessman, as an entrepreneur. He’s just great at what he does. He’s just always finds a way to keep himself relevant.

I like 50’s style. He can be a bully at times but it works in his favor.

My favorite thing about that is people love to say … people been calling him irrelevant for ten years. If somebody’s irrelevant, you don’t talk about them. It’s been eleven years where people be like … yeah, he’s irrelevant now. I’m like … but, you saying that for the last eleven years. You don’t hear nobody calling the dudes who recorded Party Like a Rock Star, Party Like a Rock Star. You don’t hear nobody calling those dudes irrelevant. We just don’t talk about them.
Thats cause there ain’t nothing to talk about. Must be relevant if everybody’s still talking about it.


When I was going over your bio, dude, I see that you was bumping elbows lately with people like Meek Mills and Fab, and some other celebrities, like 2Chainz and all that. Were you doing a tour or something? Where exactly were you and why have you been running into these dudes lately?
Meek Mills and Fab, they basically like family. Because my record label, they speak with us kind of like on a personal level. When they come, well when Meek comes to the city he’ll come and mess with the team. We go party to at the club& shit like that. The same thing with Fab.

Fab actually grew up with CEOs of my record label. When he’s around or whenever we’re around each other, like it’s always just all love. That’s how that happened. It’s not like no industry thing, that’s like personal relationships that we have with them.

That’s dope. Have you ever talked to them about doing records or just picking their brain of how the industry works or anything like that?
Definitely. Actually with “I’m Good,” I ain’t never tell nobody this before, you all going to be the first to get the exclusive. Fab, he’s supposed to be jumping on the remix of “I’m Good.” We working on it right now. You know the industry, as far as people who already got a name for themselves, they don’t really whether you’re family or not, they’re not into really doing anything unless they see you working, like really deserve it. Right now we’re pushing “I’m Good” and we’re tryna make it happen.

I’d love to see that fall through. I’d love to see that fall through.
Everybody always requests him on the remix too. Like, this song in particular not random songs. They be like “Fab, Fab, Fab!”

So tell us what are some artists that you would say that you really grew up admiring? I know we already talked about 50 a little bit, not just him as an artist, but as a brand and businessman in general. Who are some other artists? Whether they’re out now or were out some years ago that motivated you or inspired you or whatever?
I would definitely have to say Fab. He’s just super dope to me. I just like his whole style. Big Sean. I fuck with Big Sean, he’s just different. He just bring something different to the game. And i aint gone front I fuck with Fetty Wap right now. I like his sound I don’t know him personally but I like him as an artist. Of course, you know you got to say the great Biggie. I was always growing up with some Biggie. Yeah, I’ll say them right there.

That’s ill. That’s ill. Now tell us why exactly were you on Love & Hip Hop recently. What were you doing? Were you just a cameo or something?
Yeah, actually. Mendeecees, he’s like another industry friend that we have a personal relationship with. When he first came home, he was listening to the music and he just thought that the sound was dope, he liked everything that we was doing. He wanted me to be a part of a couple scenes on the show with him. It wasn’t nothing big, but it was just dope to be a part of it, though. I mean a lot of people don’t get to be on shows like that, like thats one of the bigger shows that’s out right now.

That is big. Yeah.
Just working our regular focus. Nothing fancy though. It was a good experience. It was dope.

That is big, don’t be modest about it. It give you some more stuff to talk about and give you the experience. You never know. You never know what one thing can lead to. As long as you keep working, and keep attaching yourself to … like you never know which phone call is going to be the one that leads to a big break. You never know. It could be that. It could be this. It could be the next thing. It could be something that’s just as small as riding on the train somewhere, but you never know. But if you keep attaching yourself to enough stuff, one of them is going to be that thing. That’s cool.
That’s all I’ve been trying to do right now is just keep going. Everything. Every little thing counts.

Yeah, now keep it real though. From whenever you saw that show, was it completely scripted or was it a little bit of realness in it?
[Laughs] I had a feeling this question was coming. That’s funny. Its fifty-fifty. It’s fifty-fifty.

Okay. All right. That’s cool. That’s understandable. That’s understandable. Speaking of that, I think that’s a good segway. Because I also read that you want to act as well, too, right?
Yes. I used to have auditions and stuff when I was younger, I went to a couple of auditions, but I was never really serious about it. When I was in school, I was in a couple of plays and all that. When I got out of school, I was in drama school while I was doing music. It didn’t really last that long, but it was just something that you know you’re just good at.

It’s was something like a talent you have. Nothing that you really do harder, but it’s just something, like a talent that you just have. That’s where the acting comes in with me. It’s just like a talent that I have, and I’ll switch to that. I know that I’m going to come across a couple roles. I don’t mind doing it, it’s not like I don’t like doing it or something. It’s just that I like rapping.

We might end up seeing you on Power. You know, Rotimi’s a singer. He’s on Power. He’s a series regular. You might get Far Rock Eazy on there one day.
That’d be dope.

We going to wrap it up soon, because it will be a really long write up, but I got to ask you, I got to ask you before we cut it short. What would you say is the biggest difference between KaSean Hunter and Far Rock Eazzy?
Kasean and Far Rock Eazzy? Difference between KaSean Hunter and Far Rock Eazzy. Kasean is more reserved, laid back, cool, calm and collected. Eazy is just like rough, as in not talking physically, but musically-wise.

Like relentless?
Let me find the right words. Let me choose my words wisely. I’d say Eazzy doesn’t really fear anything. There’s nothing ever, he’s just not scared or anything.

I’m glad that we were able to … first of all, I want to thank you for taking our call and messing with our site. We got your music a couple weeks ago. We really like this. We’re glad that we can be one of the first people … I know you did a couple interviews already, but we’re glad that we can be one of the first people to feature you with an actual interview.
That’s a fact. When it goes all over the world, get super big, and it’s the number one song in the Country, I don’t want to be like “they rocked wit ya boy early.”

No doubt, no doubt. So, is there anything that you want to tell the people, that you want to feature in any way? Or anything you want to say just in general?
First and foremost, always believe in yourself. That’s a given. Chase your dreams. Secondly, make sure you go watch my new video, No Chill, that just dropped. Make sure you all listen to that new song that’s about to drop in about a week that I got featuring Love & Hip Hop. Of course, don’t ever stop listening to I’m Good.


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