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@RohanDaGreatMC – Fan Appreciation Interview And Artwork For “HIT” (Interview)

+Rohan Da Great knows the true ..meaning of being a diverse artist is fan appreciation. Fresh off the heels of his “Summertime” Reggae tour in the 4th quarter of 2016, he returns with yet another certified Hip Hop heater. “Hit” is Rohan’s new single and in celebration of the joint that drops on March 25th Ro vibes with the people that matter the most for an artist, the fans. As part of a live Facebook chat session, Rohan reached out to some of his biggest supporters for a special interview where the fans pick the questions. Not only has Rohan had success in 3 different music genres respectively, he also knows that fan engagement is the source of a successful artist. Peep out the interview and support Rohan’s new single, “Hit” when it drops this weekend.

Techniques & Aaron: where did you get your musical talent from and who are your inspirations.?

I would say without a shadow of a doubt that I got my talent from my father Curry Don and my uncle DJ Supa Dane. They were and are my biggest inspirations in music. I’m also inspired by artists like Bob Marley, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Chronixx, Vybz Kartel, Buju and others. The list is too long.

Deangelo & Techniques: How old were you when you started to make music? How many ppl believed in you when you told them you were gonna rap 7 to 10 year ago or was willing to listening to ur music?

I began doing music when I was 3 years old. My dad would give me the mic and make me “Chat a lyrics” lol. That’s the patios version of spitting a rhyme. Surprisingly a lot of people did believe me. Most people that know me well enough knew that music was going to be a part of my life. I always had friends listen and show me love all the way back to the myspace days, matter of fact even before that I would make CD’s at home on a karaoke machine and bring to school and everyone would say how dope it was except for one track but I don’t really wanna talk about that one.

Charles and Kat Daddy: Why should people that don’t know about you check you out? What makes your music different?

I think the thing that makes my music different is the versatility I was raised in east Flatbush Brooklyn by a Jamaican family and then moved to the south when I got a little older. I’ve been exposed to so many different sounds and I think I can touch on elements from each to create my own perfect blend of music. And I can also jump into each genre and hold my own. Another thing that I think makes me different is the honesty and vulnerability in my music. Whether it’s a heartfelt song about love, a song about struggle or just talking trash, it’s 100% my feelings.

Patrick And Melanie: So you consider yourself a “Reggae” artist or a “Rapper” and which do you feel you excel the most in?

I consider myself an artist period. An artist that can make different genres, but I do understand that people are going to generalize and put me into a lane. I honestly couldn’t choose one. Everyone may know me for rapping first but I was born into Dancehall/Reggae music, it’s in my blood. It depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I don’t want to rap, but sometimes I just feel like spitting some real complex bars and showing off and sometimes I want to make something for girls to dance to and for the badmond dem to rock to.

Seneca & Tierra: How would you describe your creative process. And How receptive are you when it comes to constructive criticism? Do you take what you are told and embody it into the music you write?

My creative process is quite simple. I listen to different beats and I just keep going through until I find something I like. Once I find a beat I begin to freestyle until my words begin to formulate and when I get chills I know it’s gonna be lit and I keep going and wahla it’s a banger lol.

As far as constructive criticism. I’m very open to constructive criticism but I also take into consideration the source of the criticism and the intent. If I feel like the criticism is warranted I do adjust.

Techniques, Sen, Gabbie & KatDaddy: What is your mission? What are the next plans for your music career and what goals have you set for your music to go to that next level?

My mission is to be the best Artist/Musician I can be and to leave a legacy that I can be proud of. My father gets a lot of respect from artists and fans all over and I’d like to have that. I’d also like to leave my mark on the game and be one of the greats, but most importantly I’d like to be able to give my family the best things in life. My goal is to eventually be the one of the greatest ever. My plan is to get there continuing to make good music and progress. My next goal would be to fully break into the mainstream in all the genres of music I create. I want my legacy to be greatness in every possible way, hopefully, music can open the doors for me to be great in other facets of life.

Mr. Chenier: What do you consider being “successful” in the music industry? Do you consider yourself successful?

The term successful is very subjective. One’s person success can be another person’s failure. I consider success accomplishing whatever goals you set out to achieve. I would definitely consider myself successful. I’ve succeeded in obtaining most of the short term goals I have set. I’m definitely successful but I would love to be “Really” Successful.

Sharon & Aleisha: Do you ever feel like giving up? What keeps you grinding as hard as you do? Is there a backup plan? What would you be doing if you weren’t doing music?

I usually stay optimistic in regards to how my career is going. So I’m usually far way from those type of thoughts. but if you have good people to keep you motivated those thoughts are gone as quick as they come.

Kash & Kia: Which music artist would you love to collab with? If you had to choose two local artist’s to do a collaboration with who would you choose?

If I could collab with any artist RN I would pick Jay Z. If I had to choose 2 local artists, it would be Jaywin & Ashley Paylor, not sure if she still sings.

Daryl: If you were stuck on an Island and could only listen to “One Song” what would it be?

I would possibly listen to Konshens “Realest” song.

Don’t forget to cop “Hit” on March 25th on all digital media outlets and for now, check ou the artwork below.




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