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March 30, 2017
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March 30, 2017

@MrJaywin – Carolina Hustle (Interview)

Next up? More like up now. Brooklyn-bred rapper JayWin is setting the North Carolina streets on fire with hits like his single “Feel Like the Man,” which has already garnered over 50,000 listens on the ever-popular streaming site Spotify. His versatility is unmatched. Check out “4th Quarter,” and “Trappin.” With his new track, “Same One,” already making its rounds on Raleigh FM radio, JayWin is showing he’s already won and is ready to take over, one city, single and feature at a time.

With a hard street edge and an engrossing style that’s too full of style and swag, Jaywin encompasses the dexterity of a street hustler coupled with the presence of a sure fire artist whenever he touches a stage. The women flock to his Alpha Male tendencies and the fellas just want to stand in his light. Jay took some time out of his ever moving daily life to bless us with some words from his soul on music, artist independence, and family. Peep the interview and his new single “Same Ones” below. The track will officially drop on all digital media outlets on March 31, 2017.

1. We see you come from a very musical family, how did you get your start in music?

I grew up around my father, who is a reggae legend by the name of “Curry Don” of the Mini Mart Crew that was big in the late 80’s, so I’ve always been into music, writing raps with my older sister growing up, from playing and acting like I own a record label signing friends in school. I decided to take it more seriously when I was 20 linking up with my brother “Rohan Da Great” in North Carolina, and he got me into making beats and from there he introduced me to engineering and recording and through that I found a huge passion for being a great artist and wanting to share my lyrics with people from all over.

2. What was the response to your first releases?

The response to my first release back in 2011 for a freestyle I did to “So hard,” was that I had a lot of potential, and I just needed to get more comfortable & read more. I follow that same feedback today and it helps me deliver great songs to my fans.


3. “Feel Like The Man” has been buzzing heavy since its premiere on 2 Dope Boyz, can you tell us about how that song came about?

One day I was searching through different producers and came across one with a unique sound and as soon as I heard the drop I started freestyling “Feel Like The Man,” “Feel like the man,” so I started writing the chorus so I wouldn’t forget then I got straight to recording the track.

4. It’s looking like “Same One” is going to be a hit as well. What are your expectations for the track?

I expect to do numbers! My team and I have a real strong feeling that “Same One” is the track to take me to that next level. The hype around it is big right now. It’s been spinning before the release date of  March, 31st on FM radio here in the Carolinas and at parties. I got my promotion team putting in work around town on their social media pages and just spreading the word to everybody.

5. You’ve been doing this independently for some time now, can you give us an insight into the benefits and setbacks of being an indie?

Being independent means you don’t have to answer to no one and all the profit goes to you when you sell your music. The downside about it is that everything is out of pocket, you don’t have a full staff working for you day in and day out, and certain outlets are not available to you as an independent artist.

6. What’s next for Jaywin? Any notable projects, features or ventures coming up?

I’m currently working on my follow up EP Then & Now, I got a few features my fans will be excited about but I can’t really say too much. I’m working on a few scripts for my new music videos, and getting ready to put together new “Jaywin Day In A Life” episodes on my YouTube channel, and also gearing up for the summer takeover.

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KB Tindal
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