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May 15, 2017
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May 15, 2017

Le Plug NYC. The Plug For Every Indie Artists

New company launched in NYC. Looking to expand in next few months.

This company is dedicated to aiding Indie Artists in major services for FREE. They have a monthly membership ($125) and every service that they provide is FREE!!!!

All FREE Services include:
1. Digital Distribution for your Single
2. Monthly Blogs/ Press Releases
3. Social Media Promotion
4. Custom Built Websites, Hosting, and Maintanence
4. Radio Air Play (1-2 Stations)
5. Make Money With Plugs ($5,000+)
6. Monthly Coast 2 Coast P.R. and Promotion (Radio, Magazine, Social Media, Mixtape Slot)
7. Book Your Own FREE Shows Directly W/ Clubs (Unlimited Shows) *COMING SOON*
8. Will Build And Launch Your Own App For Andriod (After 3 Months of Fan Building)
9 Each Month They Pitch Your Music To A Major Label, MGMT Companies or DJ’s
10. FREE Live Concert Performances Every 2nd Month (Artists Keep 100% of ticket sales)
11. Free Professional Photo Shoot Every 2nd Month

They also have a referral system call Plugs. When you refer someone to their company for the free services, you are “plugging” them in. You will receive commission on all plugs on 4 levels call “Outlets”. So when you refer another artist, you will make $10 per month. When that artist refers another artist they get $10 and you will get $5 each month. This goes down 4 levels deep.

You can essentially be making HUNDREDS of dollars if not more, for other peoples referrals. All the while, each artists is getting booked shows, their own website, their own app, Coast2Coast Promotion, Social Media promo and more.

Check out their last event below…..

Visit their website for more information—–>


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