So if you’ve been active on any social networking app: Instagram, Vine, Facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc. and you are SOMEBODY, than you had to have been captured by the talented Kiyanne. The 20 year-old female rapper, hailing from Long Island by way of Queens (also responsible for birthing Hip-Hop Greats such as LL Cool J, Nasty NAS, Ms. Minaj, and 50 Cent) is nothing less than a sensation. She can spit with the fellas in a cypher but can hit the clubs and mesmerize those same dudes, who can’t even keep up with her bars! Read on as I get up, close and personal with your girl Kiyanne.

Kierra: Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me Kiyanne.
Kiyanne: No problem, thank you for reaching out.

Kierra: So Kiyanne, when did you start rapping, or discovered you had a talent to spit bars?
Kiyanne: I was 15 when I first realized I liked rapping, BUT I was complete TRASH! Like
“roses are red, violets are blue…” type of trash. *laughing*

Kierra: Well, that’s not what we hear on VINE, you’re fuckin nice! You got bars ma. Speaking of Vine, how has going viral affected you and your career?
Kiyanne: Going viral on Vine/Instagram in only a week is the reason why we’re having this interview. I’ve been shown lots of love and respect. People are taking notice more than ever. Going viral has played a major part in the growth of my rap career…

Kierra: That is an amazing feat Kiyanne. Out of all these responses and feedback you are getting from your audience, what are the majority of your male audience saying?
Kiyanne: They respect me. They respect my flow. The men can agree with what I’m spittin and how I’m spittin it. Also it makes sense because I mostly hang out with dudes anyway. Girls are cool but I click with guys more.

Kierra: I can definitely relate to that. I have girlfriends, but my guy friends are just cooler. *laughing* How would you describe your image and appearance as a female rapper?
Kiyanne: First off, I am my most confident and attractive when I feel comfortable. So in other words: I like dressing like a “bum”. That is when I am my most comfortable.

Kierra: Yea I can see that in your personality via your Vine/Instagram videos. You are definitely a natural beauty, you don’t have to do much to get peoples attention, but open your mouth and spit and smile right after. Not every female rapper can say that, underground or mainstream. Who are your TOP 5 Female rappers who have influenced you?
Kiyanne: 1. Nicki 2.Kim 3. Remy 4. Foxxy 5. Eve

Kierra: Cool, definitely similar to my own TOP 5. How would you describe your rap style?
Kiyanne: I am very sassy, versatile and unique.

Kierra: A lot of rappers both female and male usually have the ability to sing a hook or two on a few of their own tracks, can you sing?
Kiyanne: Yes, I can sing a lil something. I have few videos on my social network pages that show that.

Kierra: I support a lot of underground artists, both Hip Hop and R&B, and once they develop a brand or a following, their next move is usually being a part of local/national/international tour(s). Do you see that being your next move?
Kiyanne: Yes, most definitely. My management and I are currently working on setting something up really soon.

Kierra: You’re definitely on a the right path. When can your fans expect an official single from you, something to hear on the radio?
Kiyanne: Along with a possible tour, that is definitely in the works. Should be dropping some heat for the Summer time. Until then, my fans can check out my soundcloud and stay up to date via my social networking.

Kierra: Nice! So before we wrap things up I have some randoms: What would you’ve been doing if you never posted those VINE videos that went viral?
Kiyanne: I recently took a New York State Trooper test, so I would of been on someones road catching speeding drivers. *laughing*

Kierra: *laughing* Well, I am glad you posted those videos and that you went viral. We are in need of some real female rappers like you. Last question: Your parents, how much of your career is influenced by them?
Kiyanne: My parents are extremely supportive of me. My dad is a Captain at Rikers Island Correctional Facility and my mom works within the education department.

Kierra: You’re a lucky girl. Great to have supportive parents when it comes to pursuing any sort of career but especially music. I want to thank you again for allowing me to get to know you a little better and to shine some more light on your talents. Keep up the great work and make sure you FOLLOW ME BACK Kiyanne! *laughing*
Kiyanne: No problem. Thank you for being interested and we shall encounter each other again soon, I got you!

As you can read Kiyanne is cool as fuck! I cannot wait to hear her official single soon to drop, but in the mean time I’ll just keep following her and checking her soundcloud, because she is definitely NEXT UP!

Written By: @Kierra___Leone

Check Out my personal FAVORITE of Kiyanne’s music videos so far, “TROPHIES”:

@therealkiyanne (instagram)
soundcloud: beatsonfilm


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