Did Tony Neal just say Tulsa, OK and Who is Trapp Tha General?

So….The Ceo of Core DJS, Tony Neal II recently visited Tulsa, OK and was amazed by what he saw. Who would have thought that Tulsa Oklahoma had an untapped market and Tony also Mentioned a recording artist by the name of Trapp Tha General. I think people have slept on Oklahoma for far too long and should be paying attention from now on. Salute to Tony Neal II for seeing raw and authentic talent.


Tony Neal II May discover the next best thing out of Oklahoma and my bet it may be on Trapp Tha General. We will be keeping an eye out to see what you’re doing next and you better bring the heat! Thank you Tony Neal II for all of the work you do for Independent talent and the undiscovered.

The core DJ’s CEO said he also “Lowkey” wants to get back to Tulsa, Oklahoma! Are we seriously missing something here?? We need to see what he sees! After all, he has been doing this for years and knows talent when he hears it!


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