Zach Farlow – “Over Til It’s Over” Tour Video (@ZachFarlow)
May 21, 2017
New Music: R-Mean ft. Chris Webby & Jason French – Babylon
May 22, 2017

Check Out Phresh Money New Video “SUCKER FREE”

At a young age Joshua “Phresh Money” James took a liking to music. You can say that he was pretty much born into the music culture. Phresh’s mother, Elizabeth James, came to the U.S. from Grenada around the age of 7. When she reached the states she attended the Jeremiah E. High School and during her high school career she joined a Steel Drum band by the name of Metro Steel Orchestra. The arranger and composer of the band is named Glen Gabriel, who graduated from the infamous Berkeley College of Music. Eventually Elizabeth became pregnant well after high school with Phresh, but her pregnancy did not hinder nor did it have any affect on her love for the music, so she continued to play in the band during her pregnancy. Liz was about the age of 23 when she had Phresh and because finding a babysitter was not easy she would bring Phresh down to the Panyard, where rehearsal took place, and some of the lady band members would help look after him while she rehearsed. As Phresh grew a custom to being around the Panyard he also took a liking to the steel drums which is also known as the steel pan. As the years passed by Mr. Gabriel asked Phresh if he would like to play the steel pan and of course Phresh did not hesitate to say yes. During Phresh’s Junior High years as well as High School Phresh officially joined the band and was soon to become musically inclined. As he got older Phresh began to grow out of playing the steel drums and gravitated more towards Hip Hop and Rap music which eventually made he’ll pick up a pen and pad.