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Randyn is making an impact in the industry for his colorful lyrics and and his ability to ride a track no matter what the style might be. This Rhode Island Rapper has dropped several notable singles such as: “Purple Tape Freestyle” Feat Bad Boy artist “King Los”,  and “She Noticed Me” Feat Chief Keef, Sen City and Jay Burna. These singles are from Randyn’s forthcoming project “Young Ju Supreme”. Recently we caught up with the budding emcee to talk about his outlook on the rap game, how he got started and where he sees his career going. Checkout out the interview after the jump and see why Randyn Julius got next!

Who is Randyn Julius?

Randyn Julius is a 22-year-old independent rapper hailing from Providence, Rhode Island. I’m just a creative and versatile artist who wants to continue building a buzz in my hometown, the industry and with my fans. I’m ready to share my upcoming project with the world, and see where it takes me. All in all I’m a young artist with big dreams willing to do everything necessary and anything possible to succeed in this music industry.

When did you fall in love with music?

I first fell in love when I was a young kid. I remember listening to rap when I was a kid. Plus I’ve always been inspired by relevant artists that have maintained longevity like Jay-Z, Nas, Wayne. Those are the people I’ve always looked up to and I hope I can follow in their successful footsteps.

How would you describe yourself musically?

My genre might be best described as rap but I’m also way more than just a rapper. Raps definitely my mainstay but I have a pretty versatile sound. I’m definitely shooting for that mainstream appeal and that vigorous output, but I plan on doing it with my originality. I’m still figuring out my formula for innovation but I can assure you I’ve been ready for this for quite some time now.

Tell us about your first single “She Noticed Me.” How did you develop that concept?

Man, I love that record. I got the beat from a producer named “Superstaar” and it was just randomly sent to me through a friend of mine. I was in the studio vibing out to the beat for at least 2 weeks without even attempting to put lyrics on it. I thought Chief Keef was the perfect fit in terms of collaboration and so I reached out and made it happen through having people in the same circles. I went to Chiefs to record the song and I brought Sen City (Dipset) along with me. Before we could even sit down, he surprised me with an idea he had for the hook, jumped in the booth and laid it down in one take. Then Poof, “She Noticed Me”


Your project is titled “Young Ju Supreme.” What inspired the title?

I named the project “Young Ju Supreme” because in my early days of creating music, my homies noticed the type of confidence and charisma I brought to the table when rapping and stuff like that. Someone threw the name at me and it just stuck. Everyone had called me “Julius” and ” Ju” already so it just came about. This project is chapter one of my journey. Everything I’ve experienced and done before is kind of leading up to this moment. Feel me?

What are your favorite tracks on your upcoming mixtape?

“She Noticed Me ” with Chief Keef – “Drugs That Got Us Here” – “Purple Tape” With King Los and I like all the rest of the records the same. It’s not 100% yet but it’s coming along great in my personal opinion.

Was there anything you wanted to put on the project that just did not make it?

There are always those records you have that connection with that just don’t make the final cut. I’m trying to prefect the project day by day, we’ll have to see what makes it and what doesn’t. There’s a lot in the vault right now so we’re playing it strategic.

Everyone has dream collaborations, who are some of yours?

Man, there are a lot of dream collaborations out there for me. I’ve already collaborated with a bunch of artists from French Montana, to Chief Keef, to DJ Khaled but there are a lot of other people in the industry that I’d love to work with. From a song collaboration standpoint I’d love to have the opportunity to work with Justin Bieber for sure. Drake, Asap Rocky/Ferg, Birdman, Ed Sheeran Future, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne to name a few. Behind the scenes I’d love to work with seasoned industry heads and creative execs and geniuses that I know could help package my art and take me to another level. People like Faith Newman, Jimmy Iovine, L.A. Reid, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Mike Caren, The Dream, DJ Drama, Riggs Morales, Monte Lipman, or Barry Weiss would be dope to work with/for. There are so many names though – basically I’d love to be able to work with those that could prod me into that national stardom and have a long track record of doing it successfully.

Who are your top 5 artists (dead or alive)?

Might sound cliché but for this question I have to go with:


2. Nas

3. Pac

4. Lil Wayne

5. BIG

Who are you listening to right now?

Right now I’m listening to everything that’s hot. I like to keep my ear to what’s moving in the streets but also the artists that keep moving on the charts and have that longevity. So obviously in that there’s Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Ross, Kanye West and then the younger artists like Drake, Future, King Los, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-soul and those still leaning towards the streets like Meek, Yo Gotti, Jeezy , Pusha and YG. It’s not always strictly hip hop for me though. I like to listen to some Bieber, Ed Sheer an and few other people that would probably be considered “Left Field” from urban or compared to what I actually do. I’m just a music lover in general and I’m a student of the game just soaking up all the lessons from the long-time successful artists, but also the young artists that are coming up in the game right now.

What’s next for Randyn Julius?

I’ve got a lot to prove. I think I just need to keep releasing music that the people can feel, and that can also take me to the next level. Next for me is growth and continuous evolution. I’m trying to be the best that I can.

Where will see Randyn Julius in 5 years?

5 years from now, I hope to be a massive, national or even international artist – someone who’s embraced on tour, radio, TV, and media in general. By 5 years, I hope to be locked into a nice publishing/distribution contract, ink a major record label deal, and expand through touring, business and such. In 5 years, I want to be on top with my team and those who give me the opportunity. I’ll always be grateful for that.


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